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This new slave applied to become Mistress Anita Divina's personal slave. One of the first test he has to endure is The Mistress's favourite game : Caning the crap out of you!!! Don't let the youth of this Italian Mistress fools you, She is a mean Domina, vicious and genuily sadistic... 
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (720x576)



Dominatrix Dinah arrives, pulling strongly on the slave genitals. The slaves gets bound and the intense whipping can begin. Her student Goddess Davita is watching with interest and cannot wait for her turn. Using carpet duster and floggers they beat the crap out of him. But now its time for serious punishment. Dominatrix Dinah shoves a big ball in the slave's ass attached to his handcuffs and hang the slave upside down: A rain of canes strokes is the next treatment the two ladies have planned for him... 
WMV Video ca. 22 Min, Size (720x576)


The Interrogation

WMV Video ca. 11 Min, Size (720*576)



Mistress Tess, Dressed in leather coat is showing no mercy for her pathetic slaves in this video. Using different whips and canes she cracks their ass open while she laught at them...Lashes after lashes the tension comes to a climax where pain is absolute. 
WMV Video ca. 20 Min, Size (360x288)



Come and nicely stretch your ass out ... I want to hear you cry and suffer for Me... and when you pathetic ass will red blossom then I'll fuck you too ... but you'll only notice when it is too late. You could never feel better anyway as you are strapped now! 
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (512*288)


udicial Punishment

Showing disrespect to one of the prison guards can lead you to an extreme punishment. After reading his sentence Mistress Kelly and her colleague Miss Evil take an intense pleasure in administrating the 100 strokes of cane this pathetic inmate deserves...but the two severe Guards think 100 strokes is not enough...  
WMV Video ca. 13 Min, Size (360*240)


The Medieval Pillory

Goddess Syonera fixes her slave on her favourite instrument: the medieval pillory. Slave now is not able to move and Syonera starts the punishment of his ass. Rough spanking with her hands and later with a large leather paddle. 
WMV Video ca. 9 Min, Size (512*288)


Severe caning and Whipping

about 100 hard Strokes for release from his chastity... well perhaps release... 
WMV Video ca. 14 Min, Size (720*576)



Bullwhip, Cane, Paddle, any tool is used to get this fat ass red & purple... and screaming won't help you to escape the pain... 
WMV Video ca. 13 Min, Size (720*576)



After bounding his balls to the table Kelly Kalashnik is sure that Her painslut will not escape Her nasty blows. Flogger, Long whip, Cane, nothing is spared to thrash her slave properly... 
WMV Video ca. 11 Min, Size (720*576)


Corporal Punishment

WMV Video ca. 11 Min, Size (720*576)



Mrs Kelly Kalashnik notices that the caning marks from the last session are fading on the ass of her painstlut! No time to waste, She must give him a good beating again to make sure her painslut is marked everyday!  
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (720*576)



Dominatrix Dinah will make the little doggy that you are scream like a wolf, with her nasty canes!!! 
WMV Video ca. 10 Min, Size (720*576)


Thrash the illegal camper

This stupid camper is just finishing to install his tent...on a private property!! Well It doesn't take long before the owner of the place shows up ...and she intends to make him pay for his mistake. Pulling his ear, She drags him behind the house where is more quiet to give him a good thrashing...Sure he will learn his lesson!! 
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (720*576)



Follow MISTRESS JINX in a journey of whips cracking. Ignoring the mourning of the slave the cute Mistress Jinx whacks and whacks again his sorry ass using different tools. The colour of his ass turns into a bright red/purple but there is no escape!  
WMV Video ca. 15 Min, Size (360x288)


Syonera von Styx - Auspeitschung am Pranger Part2

The punishment of the delinquent is still going on. Harder and with absolutely no mercy the whips of mistress Syonera dash on slave´s ass. Nasty nippletorment with her long fingernails and CBT increase his pain. Syonera is satisfied with the result. A great red slut ass! 
WMV Video ca. 9 Min, Size (512*288)


Kelly Kalashnik - Full power on your ass

After the Mistress tied up his painslut on the spanking bench She intends to make this naughty slave regret his behavior by using full power whith whips and canes...The wicked Mistress whacks his ass continuously...until the cane breaks! 
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (720x576)


Kelly Kalashnik - Harsh Punishment

Mistress Kelly Kalashnik pulls her slave at his balls to the bench. Helpless he is fixed on arms, legs and his balls with ropes to endure the following corporal punishment absolutely defenceless. All imaginable instruments are used, paddle, several crops and canes. And there is no chance to escape! 
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (360*240)


Cheyenne de Muriell - Rohrstockzucht

The beautiful Cheyenne de Muriell will show no mercy for the slave'ass today! Time has come for a severe caning punishment experience!  
WMV Video ca. 15 Min, Size (768*576)


Merciless Whipping by Prison Camp Guards

This prisoner shouldn't have messed with this 2 merciless prison guards...Repeatedly whipped & thrashed the poor creature can not even catch his breath as the evil guards crack the whip on his back and buttock without a break...  
WMV Video ca. 10 Min, Size (720x576)


Contessa Cara - Slave to Abuse

With several Whips Contessa Cara whacks his butt and his cock & balls. This Session is very hard for the Slave to stand.  
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (512*288)


Dominatrix Dinah & Mistress CoCo - No Mercy for screaming slaves

This slave didn't know what he gets himself into when he agreed to serve the 2 beautiful Mistresses. With a spread bar between ankles and spreads bound arms the creature is getting worry. The punishment well as the screams. Between pain and hum****on nothing is spared to him. Whipped and caned the slave moves around in an attempt to escape... so the Mistresses have to step on his bare feet to hold him down. Even with a gag into his mouth the pathetic slave is begging for them to stop, winning, crying ...but begging will only fuel the sadistic instinct of the gorgeous Mistresses...  
WMV Video ca. 14 Min, Size (720x576)


Syonera von Styx - Red Fat Cheeks

The sadistic German Mistress is back for an ultimate correction. The fat slave is bound to the cross in the cellar. As the Mistress walks around him She uses different accessories to make his fat ass all red... 
WMV Video ca. 20 Min, Size (720x576)


Das böse Fräulein Mina - whipping the slave

Fixed helpless on the hoist Miss Mina´s slave gets a very special treatment. His legs spreaded with a spreader bar, his balls bound and fixed on the bar he stretches his own balls with every single movement. With joy the naughty mistress now attends to his nipples and ass with the leather whip. 
WMV Video ca. 15.40 Min, Size (512*288)


Mistress Kelly Kalashnik - Bullwhipped by the pool

During her holidays in a beautiful house of France Mistress Kelly Kalashnik likes to keep in shape by administrating a harsh thrashing to her pain slut from time to time. The slave is bound with his arms up. Weights are fixed to his genitals and nipple rings...The Bullwhip can now enter into action. Paralysed by the intense pain the slut will not no time to enjoy the fantastic view before him. Lashes after lashes The Mistress shows no mercy as usual...until he surrenders completely.  
WMV Video ca. 11 Min, Size (720x576)


Mistress Donna - Slavegirl Caning Punishment

The unlucky slavegirl was caught yesterday wearing the shoes from her Mistress without her permission. Mistress DONNA dragged her by her hair and put her over the office desk...The severe punishment that follow will certainly teach the slave girl a good lesson. Caned and whipped repeatedly She screams and tries to escape and The Mistress is not pleased with her moving all the time. In order to have her slavegirl more restrained she orders her house slave to hold the slavegirl's arms that the punishment can go on and on...nobody can save this sore ass anymore. CONTAINS: Hard caning, Bullwhipping, Corporal punishment...  
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (720x576)


Goddess Tara - Feel My Cane

A very hard punishment with the cane. Nothing that could distract slave from pain and lust. Just the silence, the sound from the cane and the sound from the heels of Goddess Tara... 
WMV Video ca. 8 Min, Size (360*240)


Zara Drake: Whipped and Fucked

Porky gets a properly ass punishment with the cat o´nine. Also a hard hand spank he has to endure for his stunning mistress. And not enough that his ass is already more than maltreated, as a second lesson it is fucked mercyfully with the strap on. 
WMV Video ca. 16 Min, Size (512*288)


Natalie Black - Voll auf den Arsch

Pretty helpless the slave is bound with widely spread arms and legs and his ass sticking out nicely. Also it makes sense to properly tie the eggs tightly so that as soon as he moves he will experience extreme pain in the length. Natalie Black can now enjoy her wide collection of nasty instrument. Whether She will use Paddle, 7 tails whip or cane, the creature's ass is certainly not safe...As the punishment goes on his ass is glowing! 
WMV Video ca. 14 Min, Size (720*576)


Say thank you when I whack your ass

With his spread arms tied up this pathetic loser will learn a valuable lesson. The beautiful Domina, very haughty, demands her creature to thank her for the the pain she is giving him. Whacking his ass and cock the creature will surrender and accept any tor... from his gorgeous pain.  
WMV Video ca. 12 Min, Size (720x576)




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